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With up to seven folding leaves, a bi-folding door allows you to extend your home into your outside space. They are ideal for summer entertaining or for those times when the whole family gathers. Floor to ceiling glass folds neatly out of the way when the weather’s good and is engineered to fully protect you from the elements when it isn’t. Because all homes are different, you can configure the layout of your bi-folding door to suit your needs.

  • From 2 up to 7 panes

  • Outwards or inwards opening panes

  • Choice of access door position

  • Choice of colour for both interior and exterior surfaces

  • Toughened glass throughout

  • Effective weatherseals to protect from draughts and leaks

  • Secure multipoint locking, shoot bolts and hook locks.

  • Integral blinds within the sealed units available, these off style, privacy and low maintenance cleaning.

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