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Also known as patio doors, our sliding doors have clean, simple lines and are effortless to operate. The large glazed area can provide a beautiful view of your garden or help you make the most of the local landscape. Sliding doors aren’t just handy for popping outside, they also make a fantastic difference indoors – all through the year, you’ll benefit from extra natural light and your home will feel much more open.

Our sliding doors are made to suit your home. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 panes of glass and which panel you want to slide. You can even add side panels for an even bigger glazed area. The beauty of these doors is that they open without catching your curtains or furniture, and work brilliantly even in smaller rooms.

We use toughened glass throughout, purpose-made stainless steel tracks and 28mm double glazing as standard. And, because we know you’re concerned about security, it’s worth knowing that these sliding doors can be upgraded to Secured by Design* accredited systems, proven anti-jacking technology and multipoint locking.

* Secured by Design is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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